Computer Recycling & Refining is the Solution for customers who need immediate and regular attention transporting and disposing of all types of hazardous and un-wanted electronic assets.


We strive to reuse and recycle through a vast network of experts and facilities. When disposal or incineration are necessary, advanced waste profiling, lab-packing and manifest preparation assure state and federal regulations are met. Working with a large number of TSDF’s (Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities), recyclers, and field engineers, Computer Recycling & Refining, is your total source for waste management.

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General electronics recycling

Every piece, every serial number, every asset is captured. All Asset Tags are recorded and destroyed. If you choose our full reporting suite services, you will receive a detailed account of the asset, its detailed makeup (ie serial numbers, asset tag number, make, model, etc), and finally, its end disposition: (recycled, resold, etc).





Value recovery

We specialize in refurbishing, re-marketing, and reselling your equipment for maximum return value. We have built a strong customer sales network for the past 15 years, with channels nationwide.


Responsible recycling

We believe a zero landfill policy and a zero ewaste export policy are just the foundations of a sound environmental strategy. We also demand the strictest policies from our downstream partners as well.

Computer Recycling & Refining offers an affordable on-site data destruction service







We protect your data, all of your data, as if it was top secret.  Every device that can contain data will be destroyed at your facility, and then it will be shredded using a 2 stage grinder that makes it impossible to recover the data.  Devices that can’t be wiped will be physically destroyed. If you we can also provide legal proof and or video/picture documentation of the destruction 


A staff member is welcome to witness the live destruction as has always been our policy.


Our mobile destruction truck offers a unique hydraulic system, we can actually

destroy the hard drives in your facility without bringing in any large machines.

We also do not have to use a generator from our truck so this means we do

not have to idle our truck at your dock emitting fumes.


Computer Recycling has extensive experience in working with Data Centers.

We specialized in returning data cages to original lease return condition, purchasing of IT assets,

and hardware migration and moves.


We offer fast friendly pickup service to meet your e-waste needs

Exotic Items
MRI Machines
We are qualified to safely decommission and remove any modern or old telephone PBX

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